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It started with their first house. It needed a lot of TLC, and to their surprise, John and Rhonda Sellers enjoyed doing the work and working together. They have bought a few houses since and love to repair and maintain them. Then they noticed some houses sit empty and are in need of some TLC. With this revelation came another one: there are people in need of help with these empty houses. This combination works great for them as they love to help people and maintain houses so Estate Care Property Services was born.

John has been doing home repair, remodeling and maintenance for over twenty five years. He has worked with housing inspectors to bring properties up to code or section 8 compliant. He has also worked with landlords to get properties ready for new tenants. John’s motto is “There’s a solution to every problem.” If it can be done, he will figure it out.

John and Rhonda value customer relationships. Because some of their services can be personal and sensitive, they will take the time to get to know the client and their needs. They are very service minded and want their clients to know that one call will do it all.

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