Attorney Services for Estates in Probate: Estate Care Property Services, LLC, Lancaster County, PA

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Absentee Estate Care

Attorney Services for Estates in Probate

Estate Care Property Services will provide or arrange all the services attorneys, paralegals, and law firms will need to attend to an unoccupied property during probate. We serve Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

“I would have to say taking care of an unoccupied home during probate is my favorite part of the business. This is where we get to combine all that we love to do.”

Rhonda Sellers

Caring for Your Clients

All information provided to us is strictly confidential. We will not discuss any details with anyone who is not authorized. We will work sensitively with family members when preparing a home for sale or auction.

Estate Care Property Services can take care of all the needs associated with the care of an unoccupied property. To give you an idea here are some of our services:

  • Check the security of the property, and change locks if required. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly property security checks.
  • Inspect inside the home. Check for water damage, mold, insect damage, heating and cooling systems operating properly and more.
  • Prepare property for sale or auction. We can provide or arrange any service that may need to be done; for example, cleaning, painting, drywall repair, floor repair, install smoke detectors to code and more.
  • Monitor heating systems in winter months, and arrange for oil or propane gas deliveries. In summer months we will monitor properties and mow as needed.
  • Provide access to real estate agents, auction personnel or contractors. We will oversee large projects and provide you with updates.

Clear and Prompt Communication

Estate Care Property Services will respond quickly to your calls and be prepared for any emergencies. All work orders, estimates and invoices will be easy to understand and extremely detailed so that there are not questions for you or your clients.

Above and Beyond

We will meet one on one with your clients if they prefer. We will also be available for any questions from real estate agents or auctioneers about any work that was performed by us.

Contact us today to discuss your property needs!

“I would like to recommend John and Rhonda Sellers for their excellent property management skills.

“John and Rhonda have changed the locks and provided security at vacant properties. They have done minor repairs, supervised the work of others, and have helped clean up properties to get them ready for sale.”

Daniel H.
Attorney at Law

John Sellers

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